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Surprise Property Boost

As the doom and gloom that is currently surrounding the Eurozone crisis continues to worsen, there has been a flurry of activity in the London property market.

Talk of Greece imminently exciting the single currency has caused markets to plummet, and sparked fears that other countries could follow if the door opens.

A mass exodus would leave the currency in a state of complete turmoil, which could only cause the property market further damage.

Despite that, there has been something of a boom in London.

The rise in purchases has been caused by worried investors in the directly affected countries. Greek, Spanish and Portuguese buyers are looking to sink their money in relatively safe, illiquid assets.

Perversely, London’s property market is likely to see even bigger improvements if the Euro crisis continues to worsen.

In the long term, it’s unlikely that the trend would continue if there was a large scale collapse.

Elsewhere, Scotland was facing the news that commercial property is at its lowest value for more than six years.

These are incredibly uncertain times for home owners, with unstable markets and the Euro crisis leaving analysts unsure of the future.

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