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Property Market Update

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Welcome to the first blog in this new series. Over the coming weeks we will be looking into every aspect of the property market, covering news, views and debates.

We begin with the news that house prices have continued to grow for the second consecutive month. The figure of growth came in at 0.1%.

The figures released by Hometrack property website suggested that demand in the property market had increased by 25% over the first quarter of 2012.

Meanwhile, National Australia Bank has taken the decision to pull out of the UK citing ‘depression era conditions’ and a double dip in the commercial property market.

The cuts will see 1,400 people lose their jobs and the announcement drew criticism from Unite union.

David Fleming from Unite said it was disgusting that, “Staff across Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks would wake up to hear that their jobs are being cut through the morning news reports.”

The only positive for the UK’s property market was that NAB did say that mortgage lending and deposits had grown despite the poor state of the UK’s economy.

The slip back into recession is believed to have further damaged confidence in the UK’s profitability.


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Sell Property In The UK If You Dare

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

If you’re trying to sell property you’ll have noticed September is witnessing a break from a persistent tendency of price hikes. You may feel wonder to find that the hike is even lower than 0.1% observed throughout the last month. The opportunity may be golden for you if you are looking for a quick house sale. It would be best to invest money right now in the realty sector if you have the money ready in hand.

This is so, as following the trend for quite some time, experts predict the prices might starting to rise once again within a while. Therefore, it may be the best time for grabbing a property through quick house sale. This squat can change rapidly within a month or so.

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